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Welcome To Taylor Walker Loan INC



Taylor Walker Finance, Inc. has a well established reputation for funding those hard to place loans. We are a direct lender with our own capital. This allows quick funding, providing dealers with the liquidity they need to operate their business. Our goal is to provide funding for dealer loans in as little as 48 hours. This allows our dealers to focus their attention on their business. Based in Clovis, California we underwrite, approve and service our own loans. This allows for a fast approval rate with our dealer network.

Contact Us

Taylor Walker Financial, Inc. 1000 West Street 10th Floor Wilmington DE 19801 


Phone: (302) 585-3970






Accounting and Servicing:



Local Underwriting and Funding. We are committed to our local community and our customers’ needs when it comes to borrowers with challenged credit. Taylor Walker Auto Finance, Inc. has developed creative solutions for each individual’s situation allowing flexibility and personal attention to each customer’s auto buying experience.

We do our own underwriting locally. This allows us to finance the same customers that have been turned down by other lenders. When other lenders say NO, Taylor Walker Auto Finance, Inc. says YES.

  • 1099 Employees

  • Credit impaired

  • Self Employed

  • Seasonal Workers

  • Thin file

  • Out of state or country Drivers License

  • 2nd Auto

  • BK’s

  • Repos

  • Foreclosures

  • New or recent employment

See your local dealer for Guidelines.


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